hot mess

i'm in a room.  it's oppressively hot.  over 100 degrees.  my muscles are tensed.  my heart is pounding.  sweat is pouring off me.  sounds like torture?  kinda.  hot as hell?  hell, yeah!  and, i paid for this.  (am i crazy?)

this is what it felt like (credit here)

welcome to hot yoga.  ok, it's not nearly as bad as my intro sounds, but it is hot.  damn hot.  this past week was my first-ever hot yoga (a.k.a. bikram yoga) class.  and it was, well, hot.  usually i lean towards flowing yoga - like vinyasa - where you fluidly transition through poses with moments of hold.  hot yoga is much more structured.  it's a series of 26 asanas or poses - all of which you do exactly 2x.  it's about the hold - not the flow.  and sinking into the heat (of the room & the burn in your muscles).

the 26 asanas of bikram yoga (credit here)

it was...interesting.  i definitely will go to another class sometime, but i'm not a convert yet.  i still love my lovely flowing yoga : ) 

have you tried (or would you try) hot yoga?

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