business blunders: steps to take after you fall on your face

i had planned it to a "T".
the curriculum was outlined, the worksheets made, the timeline set, the marketing in place -- it was PERFECT!
and, then i let it fly...and it totally flopped.
the program that i thought was going to be a big hit was a total bomb. i was bummed.
how could something that i put so much time, effort and heart into totally tank?!
it happens to the best of us. we produce something we're super proud of and it's greeted by crickets.
and, when that happens, it's easy to beat ourselves up, think we're not good enough or that we'll never "make it".
but the truth is, the most successful people fail the most! they just keep getting up and trying again...and again...and again.
in today's CALM biz vid, i share the 3 steps you should take after a business blunder in order to regain your momentum and confidence.

i LOVE hearing from you!

in the comments, share a time when something you put a lot of time into flopped. what did you do? please share your insight so that we can learn from one another.