how to STOP giving your time away for free

do you HATE talking about money?
that's probably the #1 complaint i hear from yoga teachers -- they totally despise talking about money with their students and clients.
and i get it!
money-talk is awkward, can be uncomfortable and can feel totally un-yogic. BUT, it's part of the biz. if you truly want to make teaching yoga your steady part- or full-time gig, you have to get comfortable talking about money and stop undervaluing your time & giving it away freely.
if you regularly offer freebies, discounts, free class passes, coupons and the like, you're likely selling yourself short! sure, promotions are great from time to time, but if you have a consistent practice of giving your time away, you're doing yourself, your business and your students (yes, your students!) a disservice.
if you don't value your time and teachings, you cannot expect anybody else to. and, if you condition your students to expect freebies, they won't see the true value of yoga.
in today's vid, i cover 3 ways to navigate this slippery slope & STOP giving your time away for free.
watch it now :-)

did this teaching strike a cord with you?

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