3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Motivation when you're Stuck in a Rut

feel like you're stuck in a business rut?
do you feel stalled out & like you've lost touch with your creativity?
we've all been there.
hitting a biz rut happens to ALL entrepreneurs -- myself included. but, the thing that separates the amateurs from the pros is how we deal with it when the inevitable (self-imposed) obstacle befalls us.
do we let it get the best of us and give up? or do we trudge forward, no matter how hard that may seem at the time?
in today's teaching i share 3 ways that you can jumpstart your motivation when you're stuck in a mega-biz-rut so that you can again tap into your natural creativity and get going on your merry way :-)
listen below!

are you (or were you recently) stuck in a business rut? what did you do about it?

share your advice in the comments so that we can all learn from one another.