Slow Down & Savor

most of the year, our lives are pretty busy.
between family, chores, errands and business building, there is often little time left for slowing down & savoring the moment.
but, the holiday season is the perfect time to put this much needed practice of slowing down into, well, practice.
this year, my husband and i are enjoying our first holiday season with our little girl. so, believe me, we are deliberately taking a lot of time to slow down and savor all the little moments that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
with her here, our world is a little brighter, a little shinier and filled with an incalculable amount of LOVE -- so, it only seems right to slow down and bask in the glow of this special time.
and, i invite you to do the same for yourself.
if you feel like most of the time your life progresses at 100mph, i encourage you over the next week to take time for yourself, to be with your friends and family and to do things that you LOVE that you don't typically make time for. (don't worry, your business and to-dos will wait for you!)
listen to today's teaching to learn 3 ways to slow down & savor that i'm personally using this holiday season :-)

share the LOVE.

what is one thing that you're definitely going to "slow down & savor" this holiday season? post it in the comments below!