i have been loving the fresh cherries that have been available the past few weeks.  they are so sweet and delicious.  i've been snacking on them ever since they came into season.  i know some people avoid cherries because of the work involved to remove the pits, but believe me, this time of year it's so worth it.  my favorite way is to enjoy them fresh, but there are lots of other simple ways to celebrate this lovely little fruit. 

new to cherries?  check out the basics - like how to check for ripeness, how to store, etc. {here}

i <3 cheesecake.  and no-bake is even better.  how i wish i had a slice of this cherry-topped delight right now!  recipe {here}

cherries aren't only for dessert.  they make for a great sweet/savory side, too.  check out this recipe for cherry couscous salad {here}.  yum!

so, if you haven't been enjoying this seasonal treat, get yourself to the grocery store or farmers' market asap!  (pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top)