"fake" flowers

this morning after yoga, i was walking to the ladies' locker room and spotted some brightly colored fake flowers in a vase on the desk.  i quietly thought to myself "how tacky".  they seemed very out of place and not something my relatively "classy" gym would put out.  judgement.

as i drew closer, i realized they were not fake at all.  those brilliantly bright colors belonged to very real flowers.  my opinion of the bouquet instantly shifted from "tacky" to "stunning".

as i admired the (now) lovely display, it made me wonder what other things in my life i judge too quickly and too harshly.  with preconceived notions, we can totally miss the innate beauty of something that is right in front of us.

so, mavens, before you judge, observe.  and see if you can grasp the true essence of something before you form your opinions.  the "fake" flowers transformed into something breath-taking when i just took the time to look..