Confession: I invested $200K in my first business & realized my life was out of my control

Confession: “I invested $200K in my first business & realized my life was out of my control”
- Amy Mewborn, Author + Business Strategist

Today on The Clarity Confessions, I am so excited to introduce you to Amy Mewborn. As a business strategist, Amy helps simplify technology and automation for women business owners to make more money and have more freedom in their businesses and lives! She is a CEO, author, and has 20+ years experience as a business advisor in finance, marketing, and operations.

Amy has worked with business owners of large organizations such as Ford, Chuck E. Cheese, & Vinturi Wine Aerator, as well as new entrepreneurs just like you. During her Clarity Confession, Amy gives us a look inside her first coaching program and guides us through what worked, and what didn’t, in building her own business.


Tune into Amy’s Clarity Confession to learn…

  • The importance of target market research and using your wording to address your audience’s pain, fear, hopes and aspirations

  • How to design a program with your ideal customer in mind

  • How to truly embrace the laptop lifestyle

  • Why you should seek professional legal support for your business

  • The need for team members when growing and scaling your business

  • Why great customer service is imperative to your success

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