The TRUTH about Marie Forleo’s B-School

As a member of the online entrepreneurial space, you have likely been seeing and hearing A LOT about Marie Forleo’s B-School program. So, I thought you deserved my 100% honest review of the program.

But first, who is Marie Forleo and what is B-School?

Marie Forleo is a marketing genius, life coach, business strategist and gal pal you’d love to go to happy hour with rolled into one. Her award-winning show, MarieTV, reaches 100,000s of entrepreneurial women around the globe, and her signature program is the much-anticipated B-School which outlines the necessary steps to create a business and life you LOVE.

As for B-School, it’s an 8-week live interactive training program that teaches online, service-based entrepreneurs how to streamline their efforts, clarify their message and create a clear plan of action for success on their terms.

My completely honest review of B-School…

I’m a B-School 2013 grad, and I can honestly say that being a part of Marie’s B-School program was a clear (and much needed) turning point in my evolution as an entrepreneur.

Prior to B-School, I was totally scattered in my efforts. I had ambition by the boatloads but as far as cohesive strategy and a clear action plan, not so much.

My brand and marketing were all over the place, and I was constantly pivoting from one idea to the next (to the next, to the next).

What B-School offered me was not just the teachings, tools and strategies to leverage my online presence for bigger profits while making a bigger impact, but it gave me the confidence to full-heartedly pursue my passion with conviction, dedication and consistency.

You see, I realize now that prior to my B-School experience, I didn’t 100% believe in my ability to create the success that I desired. I was hopeful but lacked full-out conviction.

Enter Marie + B-School.

During even the earliest days of the program, I felt a stirring of faith within me. And, with each passing week, I became more and more clear that YES, I am on the right path, and YES I can create the success I desire doing what I love. I was converted :-) I went from online amateur to online pro.

Without B-School I would not be where I am today -- serving people I love (hello, you! xo) and feeling totally lit up in the process. B-School was the first big step I took toward creating success on my terms.

B-School is right for YOU if you are...

  1. An action-oriented, committed beginner with an online business (or with a strong desire to start an online business).
  2. Committed 1000% to making money online while making a HUGE difference through your work.
  3. Clear that you are meant for something BIG but want a step-by-step plan to get there.
  4. Ready to leverage your online presence to reach more people and expand your business and income.
  5. A coach, consultant, yoga teacher, writer, blogger, expert, designer, strategist, wellness practitioner, realtor, creative of any kind who wants to develop and grow your online presence and make money from it.
  6. Tired of feeling like other successful entrepreneurs have something “figured out” that you don’t yet know and are ready to create true success for yourself.

...if you answered “Yes” to any of the above, you are a fantastic candidate for Marie’s B-School program. I know you’ll get awesome results just like I did :-) Check it out here.

With B-School you Will...

  • Set a rock-solid foundation for your long-term success
  • Learn how to create a beautiful website that sells for you 24/7 with integrity and heart
  • Design a strategic plan to consistently connect with your perfect-for-you clients
  • Learn how to strategically and intelligently grow your audience
  • Create outstanding services and offerings that practically sell themselves
  • Leverage timeless, proven principles and feel-good marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales

My promise to you…

I would never, ever support or share anything with you that I did not personally test or value immensely. Simply put, I don’t promote other people’s stuff unless it’s stellar. This program is just that.

And, if you enroll through my affiliate link HERE, I have a suite of superb bonuses (valued at over $800 in total!) that will further support you on your journey. Including....

  • 1x1 Support from my Panel of Clarity Experts -- this is an amazing addition to B-School because 1x1 coaching is not part of the program :-)
  • Money Clarity Self-Study -- B-School sets you up to make more money in your business and the Money Clarity Self-Study program will clear all the internal blocks that are standing in your way. Together, you’re golden.
  • Attract High-End Clients Mini-Course -- This was the most popular course I released last year, and it dives deep into how to find, enroll and maintain consistent, high-end clients in your business. It’s a must-have if you desire 3 day workweeks, 5-figure months and 6-figure years.
  • 4 Months of Access to the Clarity Portal -- This is an ever-growing library that I typically only give my 1x1 clients access to. Inside the portal you'll find a wealth of additional tools, videos, audios, PDFs and resources that will help you build your business with even greater clarity and ease.

Learn all there is to know about B-School here. 

Another really cool thing about the B-School program is that upon enrolling, you’ll immediately be a part of an ever-growing (super supportive) community of entrepreneurial women (just like you!) who truly want success on their terms and are brazen enough to believe that it might just be possible. More often than not these days, when you ask a successful entrepreneur that you admire: “Are you a B-School grad?”, she’ll answer with an emphatic “Yes!”.

Join the “club” here <3

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I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link.