Confession: I made 10x the progress in the last 6 months than I did in all my previous years in business!

Confession: “I made 10x the progress in the last 6 months than I did in all my previous years in business!”
- Misty Lavertu, Lifestyle & Branding Architect

When I asked Misty about her success and what has made the biggest difference, she knew right away: “Personal development is #1. 75% of all of my success is because I prioritize this for myself.”

Misty Lavertu is a Lifestyle & Branding Architect. She teaches bold, passionate women how to redefine tradition, accomplish the extraordinary and build rock solid confidence. It's about living a life where "having it all" is truly celebrated. Misty believes that through vision, inspiration & purpose, dreams become reality. She is one of those rare individuals who is living her passion every single day. Her purpose is to impact lives. She believes that when you are living a life you love, people can't help but remember you. 

Misty’s entrepreneurial path started when she was a kid. She’s always loved empowering people, especially women, and had a really clear idea of how things should be and could be from an early age. That ambition has served her well, and now she’s serving women on a really grand scale while creating a legacy she’s truly proud of.


Tune into Misty’s Clarity Confession to learn…

  • 3 must-read books for your nightstand
  • What it really looks like to be a full-time, work-from-home, entrepreneurial mom (an hour-by-hour glimpse into her day!)
  • How she’s been able to make 10x the progress in the last 6 months than she did in all her previous years in business (while working just 4-5 hours a day)
  • Why thinking she could do it all on her own held her back and what she would do differently if she could
  • What “having it all” truly means & how to find it for yourself.

After you listen to Misty’s honest and inspiring Clarity Confession, you can connect with her further at

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