This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For…

I’ve come to realize something.


When it comes down to it, we’re all waiting for just ONE THING.

And, that ONE THING holds us back from so many things we want in life.

It keeps us from…

Starting the business
Quitting the job
Saying YES!
Saying No
Going after the dream guy or girl
Speaking our minds
Playing bigger

Slowing down
Calling it quits
Starting something new
Investing in ourselves and our businesses
Living our fullest, most joy-filled lives

We long for this ONE THING with our hearts and souls, because it’s the very thing that could change our lives forever, but it feels just out of reach.

So, by now you’re likely wondering, “Well, what the heck it is?” and “Is it stopping me, too?!”

Well, my friend, my guess is that if it isn’t stopping you now, it’s stopped you in the past and will likely stop you again in the future. Which is why it’s so important to bring awareness to it now, so we can recognize when we’re letting it derail our best intentions.

That ONE THING that we desperately long for and vitally need is permission.

Permission to start the business, quit the job, say YES! or say no, speak our get the idea, right? :-)

In all my years of entrepreneurship and coaching (9 if you’re counting), I’ve come to see this same pattern surface again and again: brilliant, talented women stopping themselves from evolving into their fullest selves because they are waiting for someone (or something) to tell them it’s ok. To give them permission to do/become/be what they’re feeling called toward.

We’re dying for someone or something external to say to us, “Go for it. You’ve got this. No need to worry. It’ll all be ok. You have permission to do/become/be this.”

So instead, we stay put. We keep on doing what we’re doing because, hey, at least it’s familiar. But all the while there’s a gnawing feeling inside of us, beckoning us to start the business, quit the job, pursue the opportunity, etc. etc. etc.

And, if we live like that (in stuck-mode), we’re not really living at all. We’re putting our lives on hold for “someday” when the timing is right, or the money is there, or the right person is in our lives. But the truth is, we are the creators of our lives. We make the right time, we find the money, and we attract the right person when we’re bold enough to give ourselves permission to do so.

Permission is not bestowed upon you from an outside source, it is granted from within. It happens in an instant when you heed your soul’s calling. When you stop stopping yourself and just got for it. You may not have all the answers, and it may not turn out exactly the way you’re expecting, but you’ll be better for having given yourself the permission to give it a go.

And, if you’re still craving a bit of outside validation for your journey, here goes:

You are talented. You are enough. You are worthy (you were born that way). You possess talents, knowledge and gifts that make you unique from every other individual on this planet. It’s your time. It’s your turn. And, it’s all there for you if you’re bold enough to claim it.

Permission granted.

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