cloth napkins - simply green

i thought it could be fun to do a theme this week.  simply green.  i totally support "going green" as much as possible.  that said, it's not always easy or convenient to make the eco-friendly choice.  over the next few days, i'll share some simple things i do to embrace being simply fabulous...i mean, simply green : )

cloth napkins.  growing up we always used cloth napkins.  my mom started collecting them when she was in her twenties, and by the time my sister and i came along, there was a whole color-coordinated drawer-full.  at the time, i honestly didn't realize that other people did any differently.

cloth napkins

now, craig and i have begun our own cloth collection.  we 2 sets from the south of france, bought in the city of arles, startched white from our friends as a house-warming gift and an embroidered set with the initial "M" for once i become a mrs. in november.

replacing paper napkins with cloth is a simple, elegant and fun way to go-green, express your style and make dinner feel just a bit more special.  plus, over time it saves a lot of money, too!

tea cloth

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