eco-bags - simply green

ok, so i imagine most of you do this already, but i'm always surprised when i go to the grocery store, and people are still packing in plastic...or paper.

green bags

green bags.  my green bags hang in the coat closet - all tucked inside one bag which is the biggest.  when it's shopping day, my bags go with me, along with my list.  it's second nature now.

if you have trouble remembering (we've all been there), leave them in your car, so you always have them with you.

tres chic, non?!

my "green" bags are a rag-tag collection from various places.  i have a few very lovely ones which were gifts (those are my faves) and others were collected from businesses, giveaways, etc.  if you're not doing the eco-bag thing yet, i encourage you to give it a try.  purchase a few that you like and leave them in a convenient place - they're sturdier than plastic and are useful beyond the grocery store : ) .