stacking bowls - simply green

you all know i'm a big fan of overnight oats {recipe here}.  i prep them the night before and am greeted with a delicious, wholesome breakfast waiting in my fridge each morning.  the only thing i didn't like about my overnight oats routine was the amount of foil i was regularly using to over my breakfast bowl.  in a moment of (mini) inspiration, i grabbed a small plate from the cabinet and used it to cover my oats - instead of using foil.  brilliant!

overnight oats

not only does it greatly diminish the amount of foil i use, it also allows me to stack bowls, which is very convenient if craig wants some morning oats, too.

now, don't feel you can only use this method for oats - it would work great as a replacement for any foil or tupperware situation.  leftovers, cut fruit or berries, you name it!  i'm loving this simply green solution : )

how are you simply green?.