NC: round one

craig and i just got back from a lovely whirlwind trip to north carolina.  we flew down late tuesday night and flew back home saturday.  craig's aunt and (maternal) grandmother live in nc, and the rest of us (craig's parents, sister & her beau, his two aunts and their families) traveled down for a week at the beach.

we stayed on oak island.  it's about as far south as you can go in nc, before going into south carolina.  we had good weather - though it was a bit hot and humid and (unfortunately) we both came home with sunburn despite reapplying diligently.  the sun down there is hotter than at the jersey shore i guess.  (too bad i didn't bring more sparkle : )

i led yoga on a beach one morning which was a welcome change from studio classes, and craig spent much of his time ocean kayaking.

craig in southport, nc

wednesday found me and the ladies at david's bridal for mother-of-the-groom dress shopping.  we found a few great contenders.  (did you know that david's bridal now carries vera wang bridesmaids' dresses??!!)

ladies' lunch

and craig and i ended our week with a trip to a local ice cream parlor.  it was just too charming to resist!  the homemade scoops i opted for?  trash can.  yes, the ice cream i ordered was called "trash can".  vanilla with cookie dough, caramel swirl, cake batter, brownie bits, fudge, and...i can't remember the rest! in a divine homemade waffle cone dipped in chocolate.

on a funny note, we'll soon be leaving for nc: round two.  we're heading back down to corolla, nc for a trip with all my cousins.  it's gonna be a fun time for sure!

summer sipping:  barefoot wine's pinot grigio

this light, crisp wine is truly a bargain.  craig's sister & i enjoyed more than our fair share of a 1.5L bottle this past thursday.  (it goes down a bit too easily...).  it's great with grilled chicken or seafood.  make sure to serve it (very) chilled.  need more incentive to enjoy delicious (inexpensive) wine?  barefoot is committed to green initiatives and organizes beach cleanups to keep shorelines "barefoot friendly".  very cool.

how's summer treating you so far?.