foodie wednesday: vegetables & vodka

first off, i want to thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement regarding my (in)decision about taking yogadharma teacher training.  in no small part because of your feedback, i have decided to do it!  by may of 2012, i will be a certified yoga teacher : )  very exciting!

on a different (but no less exciting) note, my cookbook, vegetables & vodka, is complete!  after a lot of contemplation about the best way to distribute it, i've decided to forgo traditional paper printing and am instead offering it as a FREE ebook as a thank to all of you, my wonderful supporters.

the ebook format is much more in-line with lifestyle maven's philosophy: it's green, it's shareable, and it allows you to easily access the blogs of all the fabulous contributors that made vegetables & vodka possible.

i am so excited to share these delicious healthy dinner recipes & low-cal cocktails with all of you.  all i ask is that if you love the cookbook, share it!

cheers, mavens : )