how to detox

do this: spinal twists.  in yoga, they compare twists to wringing out a washcloth.  they purify your system and detoxify the blood.  plus, they feel goooood.  (stand with your feet parallel, 4-5 ft apart.  hinge forward at the waist and place hands/fingertips on the floor.  keeping your back flat, twist your right arm up to the sky, leaving your left hand on the ground.  look up, if you can.  hold for a few deep breaths.  repeat on the other side.)  still not sure what to do?  check out the pose {here}.

another spinal twist option.  credit {here}

eat this: veggies!  there is nothing like simply prepared, wholesome veggies to set you right again.  {shameless plug coming} and, i have just the thing {wink}, my lovely (and FREE) cookbook, vegetables & vodka!  all the dinner recipes "star" veggies and are less than 450 calories per serving.  so, what are you waiting for?  download it below : )  and if you love it, please pass it along...

drink this: water.  that was a given...  but, if you're finding h2o a little boring, opt for seltzer or add a squeeze of fresh citrus to your glass or enjoy a cup of tea with 1 tsp sugar in the raw & lemon.

try this: too often, we plant ourselves in front of the tv or computer screen until moments before bed.  we give our bodies no time to slow down and relax.  try to turn off all electronics 30 min before bed.  spend that last bit of time reading, chatting with your spouse or writing in your journal.  you'll feel infinitely better, i promise!

here's to a simply fabulous (mini) detox!  what are your detox tricks?.