happy hour: low-cal cocktail formula

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cocktail 101

…the easiest low-cal creation in cocktail land…
we all love our cocktails.  but, we don’t always love (or need) the calories that lurk in their liquidy goodness.  whether you’re at home, at a friend’s party or at your local watering hole,  here is a simply fabulous cocktail formula that will keep you smiling while sipping.

1 shot liquor (vodka, rum, gin) in a glass over ice
splash of juice or liqueur (cranberry juice, triple sec, orange juice, amaretto, cassis, etc.)
top off with club soda
garnish with citrus (lime, lemon or orange wedge)
this simply fabulous combo is utter low-calorie perfection, clocking in at a mere 125 calories per serving.  the hint of juice or sweet liqueur is just enough to infuse a bit of festiveness while the club keeps it super low-cal and fizzy.  the final squeeze of fresh citrus brightens the flavors. 

no shot glass handy?  count to 4 while pouring to approximate a shot’s worth of liquor.

happy friday!  enjoy your weekend - and your(low-cal) cocktails!