go from local teacher to global yoga entrepreneur

if you've been hanging around with me for any length of time, i'm guessing the ultimate vision for your yoga career is a little bit bigger than just being a local yoga teacher. (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
but, i'm thinking that the bar you've set for yourself is a bit higher.
maybe you envision teaching retreats in exotic locales.
or hosting sold-out workshops across the country.
maybe you hope to run an online meditation workshop for hundreds of people all around the world!
awesome. awesome. awesome.
if you have a vision of being a dynamic yoga force on a grand scale, teaching students from all ends of the earth, and projecting your unique yoga voice internationally, i want to share 4 steps that'll help you transform from "local teacher" to "global yoga entrepreneur".
i know first-hand how unbelievably rewarding it is to serve on a global scale. in my last Become a Yoga Brand course, alone, i had yogis from France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Abu Dhabi and the United States join me for the program. and, cooler yet, i got to interact with them all from the comfort of my home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania! that blows my mind.
now, your vision for serving globally might be radically different, but that amazing thing is -- whatever you envision can (& will) be your reality if you strategically work towards it.
if you're ready to up your global game in 2015, watch this week's vid to get the scoop.

do you dream of serving the yoga community on a grander scale?

share your vision in the comments below!


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