how 5 min can change your life+biz for the better

did you know that 5 minutes -- yes, just 5 tiny minutes -- can drastically change your life+biz for the better? (and, i know this first-hand!)
5 minutes is all it takes to shift your energy, reignite your ambition, harness your motivation and feel more joy and gratitude. and, believe me, all those things are ESSENTIAL if you truly want to build the life+business of your dreams, because you need to commit to it over the long haul.
as busy yoga entrepreneurs, it's easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day. classes to teach, emails to send, blogs to write, videos to shoot, workshops to plan, etc. etc. etc. with all those to-dos and responsibilities it's no wonder we walk around stressed and depleted.
but, what if 5 minutes could change all that? would you give yourself that time? i hope so! (when i give myself that time, i know, without a doubt, that i'm a better wife, mother, friend, teacher and entrepreneur.)
check out this week's video below to learn how just 5 minutes can alter the course of your yoga business for the better.

need something to hold you accounatable?
i've been digging Lucent. it's an awesome app that reminds you to meditate, times your meditation, logs your emotional state before and after and even gives you some journaling prompts.

are you ready to commit to 5 minutes? say "YES" in the comments below!