the most important tool for your yoga business

do you know what the most important tool is for your yoga business?
are you thinking...
website? blog? youtube channel? facebook page? marketing campaign? mailing list?
well, yes. all of those things are super important for yoga biz building, but i'm making a case today that they're not the most important tool.
this tool that i'm sharing in today's video is the most valuable thing i have in place for my business -- and i'm realizing that now more than ever being a new mama with fewer hours to devote to my business.
better yet, this tool costs nothing, is easy to set up and is likely something you're already familiar with! (pretty cool, eh?)
so...what is it???
i've included everything you need to know in this week's video. watch now to learn exactly what it is and how to use it to maximum benefit for your biz.

do you have a business-building tip for the short-on-time? share it in the comments below!

i LOVE learning from you!