happy anniversary : )

today is a very special day.  it's my parents' 36th wedding anniversary : )  congrats, mom & dad!  they got married on october 19th, 1974 on a beautiful fall day, after dating since the age of 15.  this past weekend we celebrated by doing some of their favorite (fall) activities.  we went on a house tour in the adorable town of lambertville, nj and then had a delicious dinner (thanks, han!) of turkey stroganoff. 

lambertville house tour
some other special things about today?  craig & i met exactly 5 years ago today.  (i love that we met on my parents' anniversary!)  little did i know 5 years ago that i would planning a wedding (and life) with the guy i talked to at the library : )
another fun thing?  today begins abc family's 13 nights of halloween!  every night from now til halloween they'll be playing fun/spooky/halloweeny movies and shows.  yay!
happy 10.19.10!