weekend stay-cation : )

i wasn't initially a big fan of the idea of a stay-cation.  in case you're unfamiliar, a stay-cation is when you "vacation" at home in lieu of actually going somewhere.  i love to travel and to see new places, go out to eat and soak up a bit of culture, so i was a bit hesitant to embrace this new age concept.  but i found out this past weekend, a stay-cation can be more fun and relaxing than a legit vacation.  (and it takes far less planning and costs far less money.)

craig's frittata

our stay-cation began with craig cooking us an amazing breakfast.  (this was a big surprise because i'm always the cook, which is okay by me because i love it, but it was definitely nice to have a day off : )  he made a delicious frittata with turkey bacon, potatoes, onions, red peppers and topped with provolone cheese.  yum!

"orange" hot cocoa (thanks, mom!)

throughout the day, we watched 4 movies (yes, that's right. four.) while lounging fireside in a pile of pillows and blankets in our pjs.  so nice and soooo relaxing.  for lunch?  grilled cheese and soup.  super easy comfort food for our day of leisure.

fire in the fireplace : )

we took a mid-afternoon "break" and headed outside with olive to play in the yard.  it was nice to get a bit of fresh air and enjoy the gorgeous fall day before returning to our quiet (lazy) day indoors.  the afternoon consisted of more movies and several cups of tea.

so yummy!

we watched a (another) movie through the dinner hour while enjoying homemade foccacia dipped in chili oil.  the movie ended around 8pm or so, and we still hadn't had a real dinner.  when craig asked "what do you wanna have?"  i replied "brownie sundaes?"  so, i crafted a killer brownie treat with peanut butter, butterfinger ice cream, chocolate brownie ice cream and whipped cream.  delicious!!!  it was the perfect end to our perfect day.

needless to say, our stay-cation was amazing.  i highly recommend trying it sometime : ).