happy hour: college party-ing

this weekend craig, my sis and i are visiting our alma mater (yes, we all went to the same college) for alumni/homecoming weekend.  heading back to school feels like going home - it's a place of so many wonderful memories and happy times.  and where i met craig, my soon-to-be husband : )

it's always eye-opening to see how much has changed on campus between our visits, and how much i feel like i belong, while recognizing that i really don't fit at all anymore.  the students always get younger and younger (haha) and familiar places are no longer really mine.

well, now that i have bummed you all out, i'm going to end on a fun, college-y note.  as i've mentioned before, i'm not much of a beer drinker.  for obvious reasons, this trait did not serve me well during college...

the only beer drink i've ever liked.  the pink bulldog from blockheads in nyc.

anyway, i'm always on the hunt for beer-like beverages that please my palate.  so, i thought i'd share my discoveries in honor of the college weekend that awaits me.

lindeman's framboise lambic

i have fallen in love with this beer.  (though, i guess you can barely call it a beer...)  it's delicious, not-too-sweet and has lovely raspberry overtones.  bonus: it comes in an extra large bottle : )

woodchuck hard cider

with a variety of awesome flavors from granny smith to pear to caramelly dark & dry, this bev is sure to have a flavor to delight any preference.

magner's irish cider

our friends introduced us to this one, so i can't take the credit.  this cider is even drier/less sweet than woodchuck, which i appreciate.  an awesome option for any non-beer drinker.  and (bonus), the bottle isn't cutesy - it looks totally legit!

the above options all offer the crisp, refreshing qualities of beer without any of the "hoppiness", which is what i tend to dislike.

so, mavens, enlighten me...do you have any other not-too-girly beer-type beverages i should try?

happy weekend!