om monday: smile asana

did you ever notice that when you smile, it can have a physical effect or your body?  in yoga, we're often encouraged to enjoy a "smile asana" (i.e. a smile pose) when we're holding muscle-burning postures.  bringing a genuine smile to your face when your thighs are on fire, truly does make it easier to hold...and dare i say enjoy...

credit {here}

my one teacher describes it as buddha-face - that totally "blissed-out" look of sheer contentment. 

smiling makes us look more attractive, feel better, appear younger & reduces stress!  (see all smile facts {here})  so, if you're looking to tap into the fountain of youth - i recommend starting with a smile or two...and maybe even a bit of laughter, because, after all, laughter is the best medicine.

smiling is the best makeup, eh?  let's test this theory:  early morning makeup.
having trouble turning that frown upside-down?  i always find that a visit to youtube can work wonders : )  babies & dogs generally do the trick for me.  haha  (you'll need sound on for this one.)

what makes you smile : )

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