happy hour: three's a crowd?

i have been all about multi-grape wines lately.  though i love my go-to sauvignon blanc, i'm totally digging the supple, hearty reds and surprising whites that emerge when winemakers mix & mash different varietals.

drink me.

my favorite combo-wine maker is ménage à trois.  i know, i know, good name, right?  they have red, white and rosé 3-grape wines, and they are all good.  all their wines are a mixture of (you guessed it) three different grapes and consequently all have a uniquely pleasing quality that delights many different palates.  and at approximately $10/bottle, you really can't go wrong...

also, these mixtures are a great place to start if you're unsure of a certain type of grape.  look for a combo wine that includes that varietal and ease your way in.

sooo goood.

so, in my humble opinion, three is definitely not a crowd.  three is just getting the party started ; )

so, mavens, drink any good wines lately?  cheers!