foggy morning on the farm

craig and i are loving our housesitting gig for my friend (and previous employer).  their house is a gorgeous stone farmhouse on rolling acreage.  not only are we in charge of the house & property but also 2 horses, 2 dogs and 2 donkeys : )  we've got our work cut out for us...but we're not minding it one bit!

here are some lovely images i captured this morning while wandering around the house and yard, in no particular order.  enjoy!

eating my overnight oats

olive (black) & josie (tan & white) wandering around.  these girls are slowly becoming friends...
hoover on the window seat

LOVE this image <3

 breakfast was overnight oats (my usual) and coffee with frothed milk. 

lunch was an open-face onion pita topped with roasted veggies (i.e. leftovers), homemade marinara (thanks, barb!) and havarti cheese.  under the broiler for 3 min and voila!  delicious : )

snack was small glass of red wine...

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