How I Made $23K in 23 Days in my Coaching Business...and you can too!

This is something I've never done before...

I realized that I always appreciate when other women entrepreneurs get real and give a glimpse into their businesses (talking money and behind-the-scenes systems). But, up until now I haven't done that.

Today, we're changing that!

In the last 23 days, I brought in $23,000 in business, and I want to share with you the steps I took in hope of inspiring you to recognize that ANYTHING is possible and that you, too, can achieve magnificent results like this. I believe inyou!

So, here goes...

:: First and most importantly, I BELIEVED that I could! Ok, so I know thateveryone says this, but it's true. Until you really and truly believe that you are worth it, the money just won't show up in a big way. The right mindset is essential. #MindsetReset

:: I didn't try to do it alone - I hired a FB ads expert, a VA, a coach, and a house cleaner. You know how people say you need to "spend money to make money", well I didn't really understand that until I did it. I could go on and on about how it works, but what I would suggest instead is giving it a try. Try outsourcing something small and see how it frees up your time to play bigger. You'll become addicted :-)

:: I set goals but didn't obsess about them or how they would come to pass - I put them out there but didn't cling (desperation never brings in money I've found). I know this is really, really hard, but we cannot cling to how things must play out. I noticed that I was often doing this with how clients should find me. Once I let go of them needing to come to me in a certain way, so many more people expressed interest from all different places! So cool.

:: I took action! I did everything in my power to bring in new business and clients. I ran events and challenges, offered free coaching sessions, sent personal emails, posted in FB groups, took calls, made calls and followed up! Action is a must. You need to do the work to get the results. Plain and simple.

:: I celebrated every win, from people booking consultation calls or offering compliments to enrolling new, amazing clients. Celebrate and express gratitude! Champagne was opened more than once :-)

:: I priced my offerings at a value that felt really, really good to me. A value I know I can deliver on and speak about clearly and confidently. When it comes down to it, our businesses are an exchange of value (money) for value (your services/products), and that needs to match up. If you're charging too little or too much the right clients won't find you.

:: I took a big step and invested in myself (through my coach) and my business (FB ads, VA) knowing it would come back many times over, and boy-oh-boy it did! I moved forward with the faith that investing in things I believe in would pay off. That belief turned into new ways of thinking and then eventually new ways of acting and behaving.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how you can apply what I did to your business, respond to this email or set up a time to discuss it in more detail here. I'll be totally transparent about this process with you!

#Truthbomb: Results like this don't happen overnight. There's a lot of time, effort, trial and error that goes into it. But, it's not out of your reach, especially if you have someone in your corner who can show you the ropes.

I want BIG wins like this for you! Whether that be getting your first client, raising your rates, or having your first $1K, $6K or $10K month.

If you're ready to stop waiting for success to "find you" and want to take the reigns in your own hands and MAKE IT HAPPEN, I am here to help you do just that.