How Rich People Think

Money issues. We all have them.
I do. You do. We all do.
I can guarantee that every single person reading this message has, at some point in their life, struggled with money.
Now, let me clarify, struggling with money doesn’t necessary mean you were broke, couldn’t pay your bills or filed for bankruptcy.
Struggling could be as simple as thinking
“I shouldn’t buy’s too much money”. “It’s so hard to make money.” “I have to worry about money.”
We all have, at one point or another, struggled with limiting thoughts about money. It’s inevitable because money is something that we have to interact with on a daily basis. It’s part of the deal.
And since we’re human and fear is also part of the deal, fearful thoughts in and around money will pop up from time to time. That’s ok. It’s normal. Take a deep breath. Your occasional limiting money thoughts aren’t sending an undesired beacon out into the universe calling for more of the same.
It’s when the majority of our beliefs and thoughts about money are laden with stress, fear and anxiety that it’s time for a money mindset reset.
You see, when all of our energy around money is focused on pinching pennies, obsessing about our budget (or lack thereof), or stuck in anxious/worried mode, THAT is what we get more of.
What we focus on e x p a n d s.
If we focus on lack, we see/feel/experience more lack. If we focus on abundance, we see/feel/experience more abundance. If we focus on red cars, we see/feel/experience more red cars! (Seriously, try it.)
We can never create the opposite of what we focus on.
Let’s say you’re hoping to feel affluent, but every interaction you have with money is riddled with stress, affluence is not going to find its way to you. Sorry.
Just like if you want to experience more self-love and body confidence, you can’t berate yourself with negative self-talk to get there.
The journey has to align with the destination.
If feeling generous, abundant and at ease with money is where you want to end up, you must start incorporating more generosity, abundance and ease into your life RIGHT NOW.
And, not necessarily in big, bold (scary) ways that are totally out of your comfort zone. Baby steps are just fine.
Treat a friend to coffee. Take a deep breath when a bill arrives. Say a quick “thank you” for the unexpected $20 you found in an old purse. Treat yourself to a coffee with it :-)
Today’s lesson: Our beliefs inform our thoughts, and our thoughts inform our actions.
Let’s flesh that out a little bit…
Scenario #1 - Mr. Money-worry
Mr. Money-worry believes that it’s hard to make money. He tells himself that he should be super frugal and hang on to as much of it as he can. He pinches pennies, stays at his safe (but low-paying) job and complains about how expensive things are to his friends, which they bond over.
Scenario #2 - Ms. Money-maven
Ms. Money-maven believes that money is a stand-in for what we value. She tells herself that if she continuously and generously adds value to the world, she’ll be continuously and generously compensated. With this belief, she cuts back to part-time hours at her safe (low-paying) job and starts to dedicate more and more hours to building her dream business. She KNOWS that it will be successful because she’s consistently adding value.
Do you see how their core belief about money informed everything else?
Do you see how their belief resulted in the actions (or lack thereof) they took?
Now, I have to ask…
What do YOU believe about money?
With love,
P.S. Right now, I’m reading an interesting book called How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold. It contrasts how most people think about money with how wealthy people think about money. It’s a worthwhile read if wealth consciousness is an area of your personal development you’re focusing on. Want to read along with me? Join the #ClarityBookClub here.