There is No "Magic" in Wealth Consciousness

There’s a new age of business upon us.
I’m sure you’ve felt it. There’s been a shift -- and you are a part of it.
It’s no longer about scare tactics and hard-selling to make a buck.
It’s about giving, being of service and offering value.
Trust me, I’m all about this evolution. I am this evolution. It completely resonates with me.
But, it can feel a little woo-woo. A tad hard to grasp. And, dare I say it, how will this approach affect my bottom line?
I find myself saying YES to expanding my wealth consciousness, YES to studying the law of attraction, YES when Danielle LaPorte says life is about feeling the way you want to feel, and then I’m hit with....
BUT do I find clients, make money, get the work done, market myself effectively?
How does all this feel-good belief move me forward with some organization and strategy? How do I build my empire without some tangible plans?
Here’s what I’ve come to realize: There is no magic in wealth consciousness. [click to tweet this Truth]
It’s a simple formula. It is strategic.
Your beliefs become your thoughts, and your thoughts become your actions.
Or, to put it even more simply…
Beliefs → Thoughts → Actions
Our core beliefs around money, finances, abundance (or lack thereof) inform our thoughts. And, since about 98% of our daily thoughts are on auto-pilot and the same ones appear again and again, when our beliefs center on lack, scarcity, worry and “not enough” our thought playlist is mighty grim.
Then the actions we take reflect that anxiety. We pinch pennies, stress about bills, don’t take the chance, don’t make the call, don’t put ourselves “out there”.
On the other hand, if we start planting new beliefs about money and abundance in our fertile minds, we can begin to incrementally expand our wealth consciousness and open ourselves up to new opportunities.
We feel more open, full of potential. We make the pitch, make the call, start the business, ask for what we’re worth and believe we are worth it.
Wealth consciousness isn’t magic. It’s cause and effect.
Your beliefs and thoughts result in corresponding actions (or inaction) that deliver certain results. Plain and simple.
If you want to receive new/different/transformed/bigger/happier/better results, you need to start planting new beliefs.
Our beliefs have an ever-expanding ripple effect, like when you drop a small stone in a calm body of water. That one small action has repercussions that travel outward exponentially.
Drop the small stone. It’s time. You are ready.
As a jumping off point, I’ll leave you with this...
What do you believe about money/wealth/being rich/rich people/abundance? What are you saying to yourself on a daily basis because of those beliefs? What actions are you taking because of those beliefs and thoughts?
What is a NEW money belief that you’re ready to live starting now?
With love, Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.57.56 AM