how to create your 1st online offering

any time we try something for the first time -- whether it be kicking up into a handstand, enrolling in yoga teacher training, or starting a yoga business -- it can be majorly scary. and, unfortunately, all-too-often our fear of the unknown stops us from pursuing awesome opportunities that could ultimately be so rewarding, fulfilling and fun!  (sound familiar?...)

well, no longer!

if you've been flirting with the idea of developing an online offering -- whether it be product or service based -- but have been letting your fear or overwhelm stop you, today's CALM biz teaching will help!

in today's video, i share 4 things you NEED to keep in mind when creating your first online offering.  

whether you're thinking about creating a 5-page e-book or a 5 module course, the tips i share in today's vid will help you, keep you on track and hopefully eliminate whatever is holding you back from creating your oh-so-awesome online offering :-)

what's your brilliant idea for an online offering?

share it in the comments below!  i'd LOVE to hear about it!