the EASIEST way to take your NEW business online

think you need a fancy-schmancy website? think again.

now don't get me wrong.  websites are great and are super important if you want to build a thriving yoga business, but if you're fresh out of teacher training (and strapped for cash), jumping into building a website, before you even really know yourself as a teacher isn't the best idea.  you need to give yourself, your brand and your teaching voice time to develop before you translate that into a website -- but, that doesn't mean you should sit on your hands in the meantime...

instead, i have a far simpler, easier way that you can start growing your online presence and building an online community for NO MONEY and with very little time commitment.

sound too good to be true?

well, it's not (luckily).  

and, it's the very strategy i personally used to start growing my online community -- so i know it works!

learn all about it in today's vid below.


so, what did ya think about today's video teaching?  did it give you some ideas?

share your takeaways in the comments below -- i LOVE hearing from you & i read everything you write :-)