the 2 words you should NEVER say

do you say these 2 words?  chances are you do...and frequently. and, they could be affecting your mood, stamina, motivation and stress level.

when i consistently say these words to myself, i end up feeling anxious, stressed and bummed out.

the way we speak to ourselves about our lives, our businesses, our ideas, our strengths and our perceived weaknesses shapes our entire world.  

sure, we know that speaking negatively about ourselves isn't good, but sometimes our languaging is more subtle and more complicated -- yet it still can have a profound effect on our outlook and experiences.

i challenge you for the rest of the day to notice how many times you say or think these two words.  

bring some awareness to it -- that's the first step!  then, see if you can reframe the way you're talking to yourself or about yourself.  and, watch your whole world shift for the better :-)

watch the video below to learn the 2 words you should NEVER say.


now i want to hear from you!

share in the comments how you're going to reframe a recent thought you had or statement you made using one of these words in a positive way!