stop exchanging time for money

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.25.31 PMit's a common problem.   we start teaching yoga.  we LOVE it.  we can't get enough.  so, we take on more classes and more classes.

and then it happens.  burnout hits.  we didn't really see it coming, but now it's here, and it feels like we're stuck in a no-win situation.

we're making steady, OK money, but if we cut back on teaching, the money goes away.  

we're stuck in the time-for-money cycle, and we can't see how to escape!  (but don't worry, there is a way out.  i promise.)

i'm here today to help you free yourself from this common trap once and for all.

but first, we have to get a few things straight.  

repeat after me...


i provide tremendous value to my students through my teaching.

i deserve to make a good living from teaching.

in order to help people live happier, healthier lives, i need to take care of myself too.

money comes freely and easily.


repeat those a few times, and then we'll continue.


ok, ready?!

exchanging time for money is slippery slope because time is finite, which means we max ourselves (and our energy) out at some point.  no good.

instead, we have to start thinking of ways to leverage your time, energy and motivation for the biggest impact.

below, i've outlined 4 ways you can break free from the time-for-money cycle so that you can enjoy more abundance, freedom and JOY in your yoga business.

here we go!


#1 focus on private clients, not group classes

group classes are a great place to start.  they put you in touch with the yoga community and help you to establish your student following, but it's NOT where the money's at.  (have you noticed that yet?...)

most teachers make $30-75/class if they're lucky and most classes are 90 min, which means you're only making $20-50/hour.  

but, when you teach private clients you can easily charge $80-125/hour.  you just quadrupled your hourly rate!

start filtering some of your group class students into privates by reminding them that you offer 1x1 work and inviting them to work with you.  

remember, your regulars LIKE you and WANT to learn from you, so suggesting a private session isn't "salesy"; you're doing them a service!


#2 create premium packages

since we're thinking in the 1x1 vein, here's another tip: sell packages instead of one-off private sessions.  

this works well for a number of reasons...

(a) instead of constantly trying to recruit one person and then another one person, you sell once and then know that you have regular business.

(b) you can charge a premium while giving your students MORE value.  if you pack your packages with value, you can charge a premium for them, which means you're making more money doing what you love while still offering your student amazing value!  (example: 4 private 1x1 sessions {valued at $400}, 2 life coaching sessions {valued at $250}, PLUS bonus guided audio meditation {valued at $50.00} for $635.00 -- a savings of $65.00!)

(c) the longer they work with you, the more benefits they get.  another huge reason to encourage people to work with you more than once is that they'll see the benefits of your work together.  one private session won't do much, but 6 could change their life!  and, they'll likely want to continue with more after the amazing results they experience.


#3 run workshops

another fun & lucrative way to leverage your time and make more money is to create a workshop or workshop series.  this could look like a one-day 5-hour immersion teaching on a topic you're strong in, or could be a series of 4 classes for a niche group that has to pre-register for the classes.  either way, you create the content once, and then you can run the program again and again.  and, you can change more because you're sharing "insider" knowledge.

yogis and yoga teachers LOVE learning.  (i know i do!)  so think about a unique area where you hold some expertise that sets you apart.  are you a skilled meditator?  have your studied ayurveda?  did you live at an ashram in india?  do you also teach hip hop dance or zumba?  have you studied the yoga sutras in depth?  do you teach prenatal classes?  i guarantee there is some area of yoga (or even outside of yoga!) where you're an expert compared to the masses!  capitalize on your uniqueness and share it with others.


#4 start sharing your gifts online

once you have your feet wet with the 3 above, it's time to take it to the next level -- and offer your teachings to the WORLD!  creating an online offering means that you can reach and teach people from all of the globe, 24/7.  (that's pretty awesome if you ask me :-)

just as you did for your workshop, think about an area where you hold special knowledge, and then design a SIMPLE offering around that topic.  start small with an e-book or audio teaching.  then move on to webinars, telesummits and online workshops.  finally, you could think about rolling all that content into a course or more robust online program.

a great (and easy) way to start online is to offer 1x1 work via skype or phone.  again, think about what you're strong in and what people could benefit from, and go from there!  do you offer great, logical, easy-to-follow life advice?  do you have a knack for identifying people's true calling?  do you make meditation seem easy?  whatever it is, embrace it & share it!

for more info about creating your FIRST online offering, read this post.


i wanna hear from you.  share your story in the comments!

are you stuck in the time for money cycle?  how has this post inspired you to break free?  what action are you going to take?