how to deal when you're "not where you should be" in your life+biz

this past weekend, my husband and i (and our baby daughter) visited with friends at their gorgeous, fully remodeled home.
as we chatted and exchanged new parent stories, there was a little voice in the back of my head saying "omgosh -- this place is huge! and they have a brand new kitchen! what did they think when they visited our place mid-renovation a few months back?"
i was simultaneously happy for them and also a little jealous, coveting the "posh" lifestyle they seemed to be living, marble countertops and all.
to top it all off, the thing that has afforded them this fortune is an entrepreneurial venture gone very, very right. and somehow that was a little like salt in the wound. and the nagging voice in my head went on to question, "what am i doing wrong that i'm not 'killing' it in my biz?"
as human beings on planet earth, we're confronted with situations like this every day...
the yogi on the next mat who is gracefully holding a pose that you can't even fathom getting into.
the mom at the playground who is perfectly coiffed and effortlessly handling her polite children as yours run rampant.
the entrepreneur who seems to have it all figured out as you struggle to make ends meet.
but, the truth is, we NEVER know anyone's full story. even those we're closest to have countless things that they're dealing with that we're totally unaware of.
when we gaze in from the outside, everything looks perfectly in place -- rose colored. but if we dig a little deeper, we realize that everyone has "stuff" they're dealing with.
everyone has bad days, weeks or even months. and, if you look really closely, i'm guessing you wouldn't trade places with anyone, not even if they have new designer furniture in every room.
in this week's teaching, i'm sharing 4 strategies that'll help you deal with that uncomfortable restlessness that arises when you find yourself thinking "i'm not where i should be in my life+biz".

is this something that you deal with or have dealt with in the past? share your experience in the comments below. i LOVE hearing from you + ready everything you write!