i want to serve everyone! do i really need a yoga niche?

recently i spoke at a yoga teacher training, and one of the students asked me a question that i've heard variations of time and again.
it went something like this...
"do i really need a yoga niche? couldn't i feel even more fulfilled teaching various students groups, like college students one day and middle aged women the next?"
and this was my response...
"when you first start teaching, i highly recommend that you do teach various groups to see what style of teaching and what kind of student really lights you up as a teacher. but, as time passes, i'm guessing that you'll start to notice that you enjoy teaching this class more than that one, and working with this kind of student over that kind. and, when you start to notice your preferences as a teacher, you're getting closer to your 'home zone' or 'area of genius', and you'll feel MORE fulfilled and happier if you zero in on what you're being called to teach. that's where you'll really make a difference!"
but i get it, "zeroing" in on just one style and/or kind of student can be scary.
we start to think...
"won't i be limiting my potential income?" or "won't i be cutting myself off from potential students that could benefit from yoga?" or "won't it stifle my creativity as a teacher to just focus on one style/student/etc.?"
and my answer to those questions is a big fat NO!
in this week's video, i'm debunking 2 of the most common niching fears so that you can confidently set out to discover your unique area of genius!

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do you have a yoga niche (or niche idea)? i'd love to hear what it is! please share it in the comments below.