How to Regain Your Footing When Your World Is Shaken

i woke up this morning to an email i wasn't expecting -- friends announcing their separation.
these friends, were not just friends, but mentors, teachers and role models.
the news rocked my world momentarily. i respect them both individually and also profoundly respected them as a couple.
it was like a hit in the gut
even though we hadn't been in touch much lately, i "kept up" with them on social media and through the grapevine of shared connections. needless to say it came as a sad shock to me to hear that their marriage is ending.
simultaneously, it also made me immensely grateful for my own solid, happy, healthy relationship with my adoring husband and the bond that has grown even deeper since becoming parents to our daughter.
this news reminded me, once again, of the impermanence of everything. that no matter how much something may seem like a "given", it is not. and that we shouldn't take anything for granted.
no matter where you are in your life -- happy, healthy, single, married, divorced, starting a biz, growing a business, frustrated, changing directions, struggling, flourishing -- it won't be like that forever. everything is changing and whether you're loving or not liking where you are in your life right now, one thing is for will inevitably change.
when something arrives in your life that shakes your world -- i encourage you to move through these steps i've outlined in this week's teaching to make the most of the lesson being presented to you.

have you ever experienced a world-shaking moment that jolts you back to reality & makes you take stock of your life?

be brave & share it below!