how to open a virtual yoga studio

when we're in yoga teacher training, many of us dream of one day opening a bright, sunny, successful yoga studio that students flock to.
then, we graduate, start teaching some classes, and discover that opening a yoga studio is a lot more challenging and complicated (and costs a lot more money) than we initially envisioned.
you need to think about renting a space, hiring teachers and support staff, insurance coverage, props, tech equipment like computers and sound systems, etc. etc. etc.
and, as quickly as that dream begins to fade...
but, today we're really lucky. we don't need to have a physical brick-and-mortar establishment in order to have your very own yoga studio. in fact, one of the best, most profitable and FUN ways to open a "studio" is to create one online.
(mini-side-note: you hear me talk about multiple streams of income a lot. the reason being, in order to really make yoga your full-time gig, you cannot rely solely on teaching classes. you need multiple streams of money coming into your biz in order to make a living -- like public classes, private clients, workshops, teacher trainings, e-books, online courses, recorded meditations, online yoga studio, and the like. plus, the mega benefit is that a virtual yoga studio is open 24/7 and you don't even have to "be there" to make money!)
so, if that vision of a studio still lingers in the back of you mind, i want to encourage you think about crafting a sacred space for your teaching online.
there are a number of tools and websites available now that will enable you to share your teaching with students from all over the globe! and, in my opinion, why just be a local yoga teacher when you could have a global impact with your teaching?!
in today's video, i'm sharing a number of several resources (many of which are FREE!) that'll enable you to build an online "yoga studio" where you can share the teachings that only you can offer.
there are many different options that range from simple videos and audio teachings to complex member sites. but, no matter how "techy" you are, i guarantee there's an option that'll work for you.

have an online "yoga studio"? share a link to it in the comments below so i can check it out!

here are the resources i mentioned in the video: youtube, soundcloud, audible yoga, the yoga recipe, gumroad, udemy, optimize press (FYI -- the ONLY site for which i am an affiliate is optimize press. that said, i've used optimize press to build 2 of my websites and one of my courses and would highly recommend it whether or not i was an affiliate :-)