how to overcome your fear of (and aversion to) self-promotion

when it comes to self-promotion, many of us yogic entrepreneurs are stuck in the middle of a catch 22.
we want to make a difference by teaching & doing what we love most. we want to make a living sharing our unique gifts & passions with the world. we long to make an impact on people's lives in a real & profound way.
BUT we've come to believe that self-promotion is yucky, no-good and downright uncomfortable. basically, it's totally "un-yogic".
but, my question to you is, how can you expect to reach the people you're supposed to reach and teach the lessons you're meant to teach if you don't share what you're doing with the world?!
...hence, the catch 22 in which we find ourselves.
the question here is actually not whether to promote or not promote ourselves, our business and our teaching, but how can we redefine our concept of what self-promotion entails so that we can feel GOOD when we market our services instead of icky.
today i'm sharing 5 mindset shifts to help you overcome your fear of and aversion to self-promotion.

share some self-promotion in the comments below! unabashedly share something AMAZING that's going on in your yoga biz -- i'd love to check it out.