how to reach non-internet-savvy clients

is it your dream to teach chair yoga or meditation to seniors?   or, do you envision instructing a room-full of smiling kids or energetic toddlers?

if you LOVE the idea of teaching a niche group of individuals, but also know that that group is not-so-internet-savvy, it can be a real challenge.

especially in today's world with everyone (myself included!) talking about growing your online community and creating great content marketing, it can feel like there's no feasible way to make it work.  

and while, having a website and online presence are super important, they are certainly not the only way to get things done.

as with all things in life, where there's a will, there's a way.  and, in today's CALM biz video, i share some specific strategies to target populations that are NOT hanging out online.

p.s. even if your target community is super internet savvy, today's vid might offer you some fresh ideas about how to reach more people locally!

and now, i want to hear from you!  

what is your FAVORITE way to draw in local business? share it in the comments below.

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