how do i know if i'm ready to teach yoga full-time?

are you wondering if you're ready to teach yoga full-time?

how do you know if your business & lifestyle are ready for that transition?

how do you go about taking that awesomely big leap of faith?

what factors do you need to consider or have in place before you begin teaching full-time?

these are not easy questions to answer & if you're struggling with them, today's video is for you.  in it i share the 7 "S"s you need to consider BEFORE you transition to teaching full-time.

after you evaluate your current life & business according to the 7 "S"s, you'll gain immense clarity as to whether teaching full-time is the right decision for you at this point in your life or not.

wondering what teaching yoga full-time ACTUALLY looks like?  

check out my most popular blog post ever that offers a glimpse into the full-time careers of two amazingly savvy yoga business women!  (it got over 28,000 reads and 400+ shares on facebook!)

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