17 benefits of having a yoga website

website screen shot

in today's world, having an online component to your business is ESSENTIAL -- even if you're a "local" biz.

in fact, it's so very important that i've come up with a list of 17 compelling reasons why ALL yoga teachers need to establish an online presence if they want to truly have a fun, fulfilling and sustainable yoga career!

so, first off, let me clear up what i mean by online presence.  your online presence's primary hub is your website.  but, it's made up of more than just that.  your online presence can also include a blog, social media pages, guest "appearances" on other blogs or websites, participation in online events, and more!  

but, it all starts with your website...and, that's why i'm sharing 17 benefits of having a yoga website.

#1 - it allows your current community of students (and fans!) to find you

#2 - it gives people an easy way to connect with you

#3 - it enables you to get found when people google things like "private yoga teacher in [my town]"

#4 - it legitimizes your offerings (think about your own behavior -- would you go to a dentist, massage therapist or even a restaurant that didn't have any website?)

#5 - it's a place to showcase your and your brand's personality

#6 - it's a spot to clearly explain what you do & why

#7 - it provides your students (and potential students) with valuable info (like your teaching schedule, how to get in touch with you, and upcoming events or offerings)

#8 - you can list your trainings, certifications & experience

#9 - it let's you reach people BEYOND your zip code (which is really important if -- or should i say when -- you expand your yoga biz to include online offerings)

#10 - your website will work for you 24/7 selling e-books, yoga vids, online workshops, event tickets, and more!

#11 - it's cheaper and more adaptable than print marketing

#12 - it makes your students' lives easier because they can find everything they need in one place!  (i.e. it's GREAT customer service!)

#13 - it makes you seem more professional and committed to the work you do

#14 - it's a place to spotlight your expertise & share it (via a blog)

#15 - you can share student testimonials, which can help draw in new clientele

#16 - it builds your email list (just include an "opt-in" with an incentive to sign-up on your homepage)

#17 - it will save you time (instead of answering the same questions again & again, you can point people to a page on your website with the info, or even create a FAQ page!)

i hope these 17 benefits got you ramped up to build (or update) your website.

and, make sure to drop by next week when i'll be sharing an extensive list of online offering ideas that can make you & your yoga biz even more money!

do you have a website for your yoga biz?  

tell me a little bit about the work you do & share a link to your site in the comments below -- i'd LOVE to check it out!