28 ways to make money online

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.00.27 PMby now, you've likely had someone (maybe me!) suggest that you should "take your yoga biz online".  but, what does that exactly mean? well, first and foremost, it means you need an online presence and, most importantly, a website.  (read 17 reasons why a website is a MUST for all yoga teachers!)  

but, if you have a website, if you're growing your email list, if you're using social media & guest blogging to build social proof, what's the next step?...

the next step is to create an online offering; something that your ideal students will LOVE that you can sell on your website that people from anywhere in the world can purchase.

once you begin to build a menu of online offerings you set yourself up for the potential for exponential yoga biz growth because you're no longer limited by your geographic location.  by offering online products & services, you can serve ideal clients from all over the globe -- how cool is that?

even cooler is the fact that your online offering can make you money 24/7, 365 days a year.  you just have to build it once, and then you can offer it again and again with no additional time commitment -- a very valuable thing when you're a busy yoga teacher!

so, if you're ready to dip your toe in the global yoga biz community, here are 28 online offering ideas for your yoga biz.  (now, keep in mind, this list is by now means all-inclusive.  it's simply meant to get your wheels turning and inspire you to create your first -- or next -- online yoga offering.)

  1. 10 yoga poses for radiant energy e-book
  2. tibetan meditation guide
  3. ayurvedic cookbook
  4. yoga video series for beginners
  5. chair yoga video
  6. speaker series during which you interview holistic wellness experts
  7. online yoga sutra workshop 
  8. yoga for athletes online training
  9. design-a-home-yoga-practice course
  10. anatomy & therapeutics webinar
  11. yoga for a better world telesummit
  12. 30-day meditation challenge
  13. discover your yoga niche workshop
  14. let your authentic self shine group coaching
  15. 1x1 yogic life coaching via google hangouts
  16. 3 guided meditations for busy professionals
  17. mommy & me yoga sequence
  18. safe stretching for tight bodies report
  19. yoga nidra audio recordings
  20. 5 class plans for new yoga teachers
  21. master arm balances online training
  22. chakra map & audio teaching
  23. ethics of yoga webinar
  24. 3 mini life+biz coaching sessions
  25. how to get more private clients coaching via skype
  26. guide to self-massage & restorative poses
  27. alleviate chronic low-back pain video
  28. how to keep new students coming back tip sheet

do you have a great idea for an online yoga offering?  share it in the comments below!  

or, if you already offer an amazing online yoga product or service, tell me about it in the comments & share a link so i can check it out :-)