How Would You Act If You Were ALREADY Successful?...

Be honest with me.
Do you sometimes think to yourself…
I’ll do that when I’m making more money / have more clients / hire a VA / launch my first group program / etc. etc. etc.
If you’ve ever said some version of this to yourself, please know that you’re not alone.
As women entrepreneurs, we sometimes can get stuck in this place of thinking that we need to have certain level of success in order to have “permission” to do things like email an influencer, raise our prices, take a vacation or invest in ourselves or our business.
And, consequently, every time we think someday, we plant the seeds for success, prosperity and enjoyment to always be lingering just out of reach, “someday” in the future.
If you know that this is your inner dialogue at times, I have something that’ll help.
There’s this fun exercise that I like to challenge myself and my clients with, and today I’m challenging YOU in order to get you out of thinking someday and start thinking TODAY!
This is meant to be fun, but it will also give you insight into your behavior as a business owner to see if it’s holding you back from the success you desire (and deserve!).
There’s a lot of merit to “acting as if” when it comes to drawing what you want into your life, and the simple (and fun!) technique I describe in the video below will help you do just that in order to up-level your life and business and put you in touch with your truest, most authentic self.
Disclaimer: The technique I share in the video is NOT another “to-do”. It’s a lifestyle shift. A new way of LIVING so that you can move through the world in a bigger, bolder more successful way and draw that which you TRULY desire into your life instead of staying stuck where you are. If you’re ready to embrace a mindset shift that will free you of “small thinking” and make you feel like the amazing, empowered woman and entrepreneur that you are meant to be, this technique is exactly what you need.
Let me know how this technique is working for you!
Share your experience in the comments below or send me an email at hello [at] cailenascher [dot] com. I LOVE hearing from you and read everything you write.
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