Success is ALL in Your Head!

You’ve got BIG dreams for yourself. I know you do. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.
You know you’re destined to leave your mark, rise to the top of your industry, change lives and make a lot of money doing it.
Sometimes we think it’s wrong to desire a lot of money -- to want more than we have now.
We should just be grateful, right?
But I know you are grateful, and your desire to earn an amazing living doing what you love isn’t about having fist loads of cash to toss in the air and dance around in (though that might be fun!). The money is a sign. It’s a marker that you’re really changing lives and truly aligned with your purpose.
Money shows up when things are in flow -- when we trust our instincts, follow our hearts, serve our clients to the best of our ability and value ourselves.
The desires you have within you are not wrong, and they should not be ignored. They are gifts, given to you for a very precise reason. Not everyone dreams BIG and believes they can attain the vision they have for themselves and their future. But you do! And that’s amazing!
You know that those visions you have for your life and your business are a preview of coming attractions, and you want to pursue them with every fiber of your being.
Every step of the path may not be clear, but you know that someday those dreams WILL BE your reality. Plain and simple.


If you are craving change from your depths, if you are longing to evolve into your fullest, most vibrant, most successful self, if you are ready to commit to this dream of yours with everything you’ve got, now is your time. There will never be a better moment to follow your dreams than right now.
Trust that desire -- nurture it. It will serve you in this evolution.
If you’re ready to turn the corner and bring your dreams within reach, I will help you do just that.
Our time together will give you the Clarity and Confidence to boldly pursue the dreams you hold for yourself and make leaps and bounds in your business and life.
When CLARITY + CONFIDENCE come together, magic happens. The right clients find you, your business takes off, and the money arrives.
When you see someone who has a business and lifestyle you desire, don’t get jealous. Realize that seeing someone else live your dream life means it’s possible. It’s proven. It exists! And, it can be your reality too, if you’re ready for it.
If you are ready, CLICK HERE.
Maintaining the focus, drive and mindset to trust your heart and follow your dreams is tough. We get distracted, experience self-doubt and get knocked around by unexpected bumps in the road.
You need to do everything in your power to remain in the success mindset -- to feel the success that is destined to be yours right now.
On this month’s HOT LIST, I’m sharing 3 tactics I use to maintain my success mindset.


The number one thing I do to get into the success mindset is personal development.
I read books, take trainings, listen to the advice of coaches, and do my best to flush out negative thoughts and live in a space of possibility.
If you’re looking for the definitive read to up-level your success mindset, it’s time for Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
With over 70 million copies sold, this book is by far one of the most popular reads for learning how to draw money, success and happiness into your life and is the book upon which The Secret is based.
It offers step-by-step guidelines for manifesting the money you desire that have been used by the most brilliantly successful people throughout history. Instead of trying to figure this stuff out on your own, why not turn to some of these tried and true methods and give them a go?!


Maintaining a positive, inspiring, supportive social circle with like-minded entrepreneurs cannot be undervalued. In fact, Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich says that forming a Mastermind is an ESSENTIAL element of finding your path to success.
With that in mind, I’m going to be enjoying an October outing on Saturday the 10th with Jordana Jaffe and Gena Jaffe.
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.12.10 AM
Jordana is a Facebook Marketing wizard, and Gena has been called the “Marie Forleo of lawyers”, and both have made it their life’s work to help and inspire women entrepreneurs to build kick-ass businesses.
Want to join us?
Enjoy an autumn afternoon in pastoral Bucks County with me, Jordana and Gena. Claim your FREE spot here.


If we want to have amazingly successful businesses, we need to be an advocate for them, which means getting our mission + message in front of the right eyes and audiences.
Selena Soo, founder of S2 Groupe, is a PR maven and teaches savvy business owners how to make important industry connections with influencers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.12.35 AM

I connected with Selena through Ramit Sethi’s course, Zero to Launch, and her advice, feedback and teachings are always spot on.
She is a huge proponent of relationship building as a necessary business tool, and empowers women entrepreneurs to reach out and go for the big PR wins -- landing TV appearances, speaking gigs, event appearances, interviews and more.
As you get your business out there, you’ll feel all the more successful, which is fuel for the fire!
Her tactics for connecting with VIPs have helped me form real, lasting relationships with movers and shakers, and I know they will help you do the same. Check her out.
When it comes to building a successful business, the way you think, act and talk about your business and yourself cannot be dismissed. If you want to be successful, start acting successful, feeling successful and “thinking” successful. That is where it starts.
To quote Napoleon Hill, “All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an IDEA!”
So, my advice to you is think BIG.
When you’re ready to embrace the success that is yours, let’s talk and figure out the swiftest, most pleasurable way to do just that. No more waiting for someday. Someday is today.
xo, Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.57.56 AM
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