This Company Offers UNLIMITED Vacation Days

We just got back from a week at the beach -- an end-of-season getaway to recharge before fall gets into full swing. We spent our days lounging by the pool, enjoying evening cocktails overlooking the bay, taking walks on the quiet beach, reading books for pleasure, indulging in delicious ice cream from our favorite place, and we even fit in a little wine tasting. Perfection.
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One of the beautiful things about running a location-independent business is the ability to travel.
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My husband and I have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling over the years thanks to the freedom my business affords us. We’ve visited France, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Iceland, and are now discussing where our next adventure should be! (Any suggestions?)
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I feel so immensely grateful that I’m able to do work I love and enjoy a lifestyle I adore. #feelinggrateful

And, I know without a doubt that YOU can have that too.

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Stop putting your life on hold for “someday” when you have more time, money, a different relationship or live in a different city. If you’re ready to embrace the success that is YOURS for the taking and make the difference that ONLY YOU can make. Now is your time. The world is waiting for you! #mindsetmatters

To find your personalized path to success, I invite you to book a complimentary Clarity Consultation with me. Let’s chat about your BIG dreams and get you on track to reach them once and for all.

So, tell has September treated you?
Looking back, for me it was a month of introspection, connection and personal + professional growth.
I joined a Mastermind of powerhouse, entrepreneurial women who totally “get me”. It is so refreshing to sit down every single week with like-minded ladies who are doing BIG things in the world. Their feedback and friendship is priceless, and I can already see the positive impact it’s having on me and my business -- mentally, motivationally and monetarily!
If you haven’t yet found your Inner Circle of business (and life) support, it is a MUST. Creativity, ambition and drive cannot be sustained without support. Trust me.
I’ve tried to go-it-alone and do and figure out EVERYTHING by myself, and it leaves you feeling confused, frustrated and doubting your abilities. No good. It was only when I enlisted a team of support that I found true, sustainable success. I am now able to serve better and make the difference that I’m meant to make -- helping women entrepreneurs find their path to success.
If you’re saying “amen” as you read this, I put together a little gift you -- a guide to finding your business BFFs. Click HERE to discover the 6 best places to find business best friends.
Speaking of finding your crew, I had such fun sitting down with one of my business buddies (and style icon!), Kristen Domingue, earlier this month on The Clarity Confessions.
Kristen is a rockstar. She’s a branding expert and helps entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their brand and position in the market.
On The Clarity Confessions, she held nothing back and revealed goodies like...
  • What her first year in business REALLY looked like
  • The BEST WAY to find your positioning in a crowded market -- and how Kristen’s was “handed to her on a silver platter”
  • Why you need outside input to achieve BIG insights and make big leaps in your business
  • The single best thing she’s done for her business
  • How to easily and effectively determine if you should say “yes” to any opportunity
If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to watch this short and sweet 20 minute teaching. You’ll get so much out of it -- I promise. You can find it HERE.
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