is your yoga biz a party?

yoga-party-ideasdoes this question confuse you at all? well, when i first encountered this concept (thanks to Laura Roeder, founder of LKR Social Media), i was a little confused, too.

what exactly does building a thriving, abundant business have in common with a party?

a lot more than you might think!

if you're looking to establish a successful yoga business that delights your students, fulfills you, and is an all-around good time, you're gonna love this post.

so, let's dive into how you can use the concept of creating a "yoga biz party" to craft a thrilling and fulfilling yoga business.

1. your yoga business should be fun!

ok, this first one may seem obvious to some, but it's an elusive concept to way too many entrepreneurs out there.  first and foremost, your business should be fun -- otherwise what's the point?  if you don't LOVE what you're building (95% or more - we all have off days!), you may want to rethink and recalibrate.

if your yoga business gives you more headaches than happiness, take a good hard look at what you're spending your time doing, and why you're spending your time doing it.  a lot of us get caught up in the "shoulds" of life -- i should get more private clients, i should teach a yoga workshop, i should build an online course -- but if those things don't light you up, you shouldn't build them into you biz!  

build your yoga biz your way!

2. only "invite" people that light you up!

if you were hosting a fabulous party and were looking to have a totally stellar time, you wouldn't invite people that you don't get along with, people who stress you out, or people who don't bring out the best in you.  and, you don't have to invite them into your yoga business, either!

so, what does that mean?  it means that you should focus your efforts on drawing in the right students and clients -- not just any student or client.  

when you work with your ideal clients, you're lit up inside -- you're operating from your home zone.  and, when you work with people like that, you are able to deliver better teachings and results, which means they'll want to talk you up and refer more of the right people to you!  

do you see how inviting the right people to your yoga biz "party" can put in place an upward moving spiral of more and more business?  very cool.

3. make sure everyone's having a good time!

when you host a party, you check in with your guests -- do you want something to drink?  can i take your coat?  would you like some food? -- same goes for your yoga biz.  

it's easy to get so caught up in the backend of your business (websites, emails, social media) and forget about your part guests!  but the cool thing is, the more you interact with your "guests" the better you'll feel.  culturally, we thrive on human connection, so it's no wonder you feel run-down when you spend countless hours in front of your computer screen.

talk to your students after class, call up a private client and check-in, touch base with another yoga biz pro you've been meaning to reach out to.  the baseline is, our businesses need people in order to be successful, so don't neglect your "guests"!

4. make introductions!

as hostess, you make an effort to introduce people to one another.  have you done that in your yoga biz?

introduce your growing community to one another, invite them to interact on facebook and twitter, and connect people with others that they could benefit from knowing.  let them feel like a valuable member of the community and a true asset at your "yoga party".  people LOVE to feel appreciate and recognized.  do that for your party-goers.


thinking of your yoga business as a party is all about building your biz your way.  not compromising.  not including offerings that don't feel right.  and not inviting people that aren't a good fit for you.

moving forward, i challenge you to play with this concept, and see where you can tweak your biz to make it more fun!  because the more fun it is, the more people who'll want to "attend"!

in the comments below, share one thing you're going to do this week that will make your yoga biz more like a yoga party!