should i take on yoga clients that are outside of my niche?

do you wonder if you should take on yoga clients or teaching jobs that are outside of your niche or comfort zone?

for example...

#1 if you're drawn towards working with young women in their 20s, but someone in their 50s approaches you for private lessons.  should you take them on?

#2 or, if you've only taught gentle vinyasa, but a teaching job has opened up for a power flow teacher.  should you go for it?

#3 or, if you've never taught before and are fresh out of teacher training, and the studio where you practice requests that you sub a class.  should you agree?

if you're wondering if you should branch out -- or reign yourself in -- today's video will hopefully provide you with the clarity you need to move forward.  and depending on where you are in your yoga career, your course of action will be quite different!

watch today's video now, and let me know in the comments below what your take on the topic is!