Confession: I never wanted to be an entrepreneur


Confession: “I never knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.” - Jennah Lear, branding designer Jennah Lear is a branding designer and the owner of Blue Loui Studio. She works with women business owners and entrepreneurs to design stunning yet functional websites that showcase the best versions of themselves, their businesses and ultimately increase their bottom line.

And, in her Clarity Confession, Jennah open-heartedly shares what it takes to become (and stick with being) an entrepreneur.

She’s honest, totally relatable and offers a ton of great advice for any aspiring or struggling entrepreneur who questions whether or not they’ll ever “make it”.

Tune into this month’s Clarity Confession with Jennah to learn...

  • You can’t create from a place of scarcity
  • Why “walking away” from a problem is the best solution
  • It doesn’t matter where the money comes from
  • The best investment she’s ever made
  • Why having support is a MUST

Listen to Jennah’s Clarity Confession now.

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