la beauté

la beauté est dans la rue.  translation - the beauty is in the street.  my take away - beauty is found in the journey and be open to unexpected moments of grace.

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craig and i often walk with our little dog, olive, on nice evenings.  the other night, we went into doylestown, as we often do, and parked in the residential section of town near the library and local art museum.  as we meandered along, i spotted a lonely book on a bench.  as we approached, we realized it had been left there on purpose.  the book - an old anthology of robert frost poems - was tied with yarn and had a note attached.  "to finder - la beauté est dans la rue." 

i picked up the book and removed the yarn.  upon opening it, we realized that a secret compartment had been created by removing some of the interiors of the pages in the 2nd half of the book.  a note there read "place secrets here." 

i don't know who put it there, but, as the finder, i looked upon this find as a true treasure.  how lovely.  a gift from a stranger.

it's always interesting where we find unexpected moments of beauty & grace.  today, i attended an "upper level" yoga class.  a yoga teacher had recommended trying the class weeks ago, but she said it might be a little advanced for me, so i kept putting it off.  i was afraid of feeling lost and out-of-place.  i was afraid of looking foolish.

today at 9:30am i finally went to the anusara class, and it was fabulous.  i could keep up (enough) to feel at ease but challenged enough to keep me alert and engaged.  and now, i wish i hadn't put it off for so long.  i kept myself from going because of unfounded worry and negative thoughts - and now that all seems so foolish and inconsequential.

i encourage all of you to look for moments of beauty & grace.  rise to the occasion.  embrace the unexpected.  breathe through it.  and let go.  allow la beauté to reveal itself...because it was always there...